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9271 RO Short dress with 3/4 sleeves Floral - Black

Color: Black98% Poliester   2% ElastanA short  dress, three-quarter-sleeves, sexy nec..

65.00€ 52.90€

9325 RO Glamorous mini princess dress - Gold/Nude

Colour:Gold/Nude98% Poliester   2% ElastanA short princess golden princess with a sparkle ..

85.00€ 74.90€

9324 RO A princess-style MIDI dress with a white lace top - Light Pink

Colour:Light Pink 98% Poliester   2% ElastanA princess-style MIDI dress with a white ..

89.00€ 79.90€

9311 RO Midi stylish dress with mulled top - Black/Gold

Color:Black/Gold 98% Poliester    2% ElastanA black MIDI dress is the dream of a..

105.00€ 94.90€

9310 RO Midi stylish dress with mulled top - White/Gold

Color: White/Gold 98% Poliester    2% ElastanA White MIDI dress is the dream of ..

105.00€ 94.90€

9309 RO Midi dress with a bust with push-up cups - Black/Gold

Color:Black/Gold 98% Poliester    2% ElastanEvery detail counts when you attend ..

89.00€ 74.90€

9306 RO Chic set with high waist trousers and bustier - Black/Gold

Color: Black/Gold 98% Poliester    2% ElastanA sexy black bustier is all you nee..

125.00€ 114.90€

9305 RO Midi dress with a bust with push up cups - Black/Gold

Color: Black/Gold98% Poliester   2% ElastanEvery detail counts when you attend a special e..

79.00€ 69.90€

9286 RO Elegant jumpsuit with lace top - Black

Color:Black98% Poliester     2% ElastanThis royal blue jumpsuit is very sexy and you'..

129.00€ 109.90€

9285 RO Maxi Lace Dress with a sexy one side slit - Black

Color: Black98% Poliester    2% ElastanBe really sexy in a MAXI about a ..

155.00€ 134.90€

9283 RO Overall with golden strap and pearl tiull skirt-Black

Color: Black98% Poliester    2% ElastanA more than sexy overalls to radiate! Be a god..

125.00€ 114.90€

9282 RO Midi princess veil dress - Rose/Beige

Color: Rose/Beige98% Poliester2% ElastanThis MIDI veil rose dress is featuring the top with push-up ..

102.00€ 89.90€

9280 RO Midi dress with a deep cleavage - Black Gold

Color: Black/Gold98% Poliester   2% ElastanDare to be sexy wearing a midi black dress with..

95.00€ 79.90€

9279 RO Mini Lace Dress - Beige Rose

Color: Beige Rose 98% Poliester    2% ElastanIn a short dress you will surely st..

95.00€ 84.90€

9277 RO Elegant midi dress with lace top - Lila

Color: Lila98% Poliester   2% ElastanBe elegant in a mulled midi dress with lace top, spar..

105.00€ 89.90€

9245 RO Maxi dress with V neckline sexy one side slit-Silver

COLOR:SILVER98% Poliester2% ElastanMetallic textures are a real hit of the season and a silver dress..

115.00€ 94.90€

9201 RO Midi dress with flounce and sexy cuts -Royalblue

COLOURE:ROYAL BLUE98% Bumbac 2% ElastanA blue midi dress is spectacular with a top that feature..

85.00€ 69.90€

9326 RO Overall with a silver lurex shoulder and belt - Black/Silver

Colour:Black/silver98% Poliester   2% ElastanOveralls are always a perfect choice for a co..

125.00€ 114.90€

9322 RO Jumpsuit with a bust highlighted and one shoulder - Yellow/Blue

Colour:Yellow/Blue98% Poliester   2% ElastanColors always give life to a dress. In this ye..

129.00€ 109.90€

9312 RO Special design overall - Black

Color:Black 98% Poliester    2% ElastanYou wear this overalls to shine. With a s..

125.00€ 114.90€

9308 RO Jacket dress with a lapel, beads and lace - Black

Color: Black98% Poliester   2% ElastanWearing a white jacket dress with a lapel, push-up c..

120.00€ 104.90€

9307 RO Jacket dress with a lapel, beads and feathers - White

Color: White98% Poliester   2% ElastanWearing a white jacket dress with a lapel, push-up c..

120.00€ 104.90€

9299 RO Long overall with sequins and deep V - Black

Colour:Black98% Poliester    2% ElastanThere is no doubt that you will take the audie..

135.00€ 114.90€

9295 RO Special overall with deep neckline and beads - Black

Colour:Black98% Poliester   2% ElastanBe special. Wear this overcoat pattern, black, long ..

129.00€ 109.90€

9275 RO Long Dress with rhinestones - Mustard

Color: Mustard98% Poliester   2% ElastanA long mustard dress, with a 2 rows of rhinestones..

145.00€ 129.90€

9273 RO Long overall with special design on shoulder - purple

Color: Purple98% Poliester   2% ElastanWears a long purple overcoat with a top on an overs..

120.00€ 104.90€

9260 RO Maxi dress with a big flounce on the shoulders -Black

COLOR:Black 98% Poliester    2% ElastanYou've always dreamed of the black perfec..

145.00€ 124.90€

9247 RO Elegance Maxi lace dress -Black

COLOR:BLACK98% Poliester2% ElastanBlack remains synonymous with supreme elegance and it is the favor..

149.00€ 128.90€

9246 RO Midi dress featuring mirror type sequins-Silver

COLOR:SILVER97% Poliester3% ElastanAudience attraction effect is guaranteed! You are cool and g..

99.00€ 84.90€

9209 RO Elegant overall with one shoulder- Royal blue

Colour:Royal Blue95% Poliester  5% ElastanA long overcoat in a special color will lift you into..

95.00€ 79.90€